Customizing LEAC: Mapping a System for a Client

This is one of my most valuable videos yet, because it teaches you a skill that is in very high demand with very little competition.

Before you start building a system for a client or for your own business, you want to map it out.

Frankly, these maps are extremely valuable.  That is why I command $6500 or more to do this for a client.

Watch “Over My Shoulder” as I design a LEAC Proof Funnel for a hypothetical business, showing you exactly how to do this.

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How to Get Past the Gatekeeper

0:50 Intro

1:58 Better to be the invited guest

5:49 Get referred

  • Radio/TV
  • Newspaper
  • Printers
  • Trade groups
  • Associations
  • Web design
  • SEO
  • Social media

8:45 Radio how to show measurable results

11:10 Printer Work around for SalesSalesCPR™ when they don’t have a list

15:12 Trade groups

18:27 Web Designers

21:20 Influencing the influencer

23:06 SEO/social media

24:55 Networking

  • BNI
  • Friends & family
  • Similar companies
  • Linkedin/introductions

27:55 Friends & family

OFM Quick Start

Landing Your First Client

28:30 Similar companies

31:47 Linkedin

35:40 Be the expert

  • Articles/Posts
  • News gatherer
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters
  • webinars

36:55 Content

37:19 News Gathering/Aggregator

42:20 Get seen online

  • Social media
  • Linkedin
    • Groups
    • Profile views
    • Messages
  • Content
    • Blog
    • Guest posts
  • Online ads
    • Custom audiences

46:48 Reciprocity

  • Become a customer
  • Reply to email
  • Yelp review
  • “Givers Gain” – BNI

48:36 Rapportive (Chrome plugin)

51:52 Yelp Review

56:46 Fear of loss

  • Scarcity
  • Invite competitors
  • Missing a piece of the puzzle
  • Obsolescence

 100:44 Missing piece of the puzzle

102:22 Pick Their Brain

  • Comment on something they’re doing
  • Interview
  • Research
  • Case study
  • Podcast

103:00 Evernote Best Practices

106:35 Interview approach

108:42 Accelerated Training

Nurture Funnel Boot Camp

Begins 8/18/2016

115:25 Being visible online

Consulting No-No’s You Must Avoid

1:20 A recent coaching session was the genesis of today’s session

3:55 Outline

5:11 Pre-Sale

Ooze confidence

  • Create order out of chaos
  • Air of authority
  • Unambiguous
  • Strategy

7:20 You need to control the dialog

11:37 Concise Responses

  • What do you do?
  • What are you selling?
  • How much does it cost?

13:35 Elevator speech

Creating Your Elevator Speech (right click and pick “Save link as”)

14:53 Keep them from going “Wonka” on you

The Flip – gets them talking and interested

Benefit statement

18:46 Those who name the price first, lose

21:06 Define the scope

Marketing System Assessment (The Client Survey)

23:00 How do I get started?

You need to have a procedure in place

25:00 Offer/Negotiation

  • First to name a price loses
  • Speak in ranges and flip it back
  • Give them options: A, B, and C

27:41 Scarcity & Urgency

You have a finite amount of time available – Real Scarcity

29:28 Urgency

People will put it off as long as they can

Set a deadline

31:22 Scarcity & Urgency = Legitimate reason to increase price

32:27 Knocking them off the fence

You won’t close them all

They are still in your system

Spend time where you get ROI

35:11 Strategy keeps you engaged over the long term

Plant the idea that your services are ongoing to maintain results

37:58 Don’t oversell

38:53 The Sale

Critical Transition

  • How to buy
  • Legal agreement

40:44 Biggest Mistake

Working outside of Legal Agreement

Don’t do friendly and get burned

50:00 structure and insurance

Having access to sensitive files, data, email lists.

54:50 Ignition

Always make sure your client knows what to do next.

55:57 Have Onboarding in place

Shared Dropbox

Shared Evernote

59:30 Post-Sale

  • Get Results Fast
  • Get a testimonial
  • Keep making progress

1:03:37 Why you need to get testimonials ASAP

 1:05:50 Don’t leave too much to the client to do

1:07:30 Assessment caution

Go through it live with them

1:09:15 Get feedback after each month


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Tracking Segmenting & Scoring

It’s not just the difference between Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation service providers. Tagging Segmenting, & Scoring is the difference between you the professional, and the amateur. The results can only be improved if you have systems in place to measure them.

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The Trojan Horse

Discover all the income opportunities that await you with each and every client! The Trojan Horse shows you exactly how you can very quickly grow and take over all of your clients’ marketing responsibilities once you start demonstrating success with your offline funnels.

The Client Survey (formerly Marketing System Assessment)


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How To Land Your Next Client Part 2

You’ll learn exactly where to find that first client (you may already know who it will be ) and how to get them on board. Nothing will be left to chance. Start on this section and get ready to book your first new client!

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Minimum Viable Prospecting Process Part 2

“The Fortune is in the Follow Up”

Author Drayton Bird says that 88% or businesses quit following up too soon.  Many, never follow up at all.

Put the odds in your favor…

“Lead with your Back End” by setting up a “Minimum Viable Prospecting Process” (MVP2) that automatically follows up with each and every prospect you meet.

Your MVP2 should include:

  1. Ignition Funnel
  2. RWA Qualifier
  3. Forever Follow Up Funnel
  4. For improved results: add a Nurture Funnel

We’ve recently made high-end Marketing Automation Processes simple AND affordable! See how FunnelKits makes it fast to get your own or your client’s funnels set up to get more customers and stop missing opportunities that are currently slipping through their fingers.

See MVP2 Part 1 for more in training.

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1:30 Intro – It’s critical to have your Back End in place

4:10 A little story from Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Bible

You’ve been selling since you were a kid

8:55 Persistence is the key

Persistence requires consistency

10:20 4 types of contacts

  • Suspects
  • Prospects
  • Active customers
  • Lost customers

13:04 LEAC Proof Funnel™

  • Lead Generation
  • Engagement
  • Action
  • Conversion

14:55 The Decision Making Process

16:21 RWA Buck got Lucky

Situations change. You need to be in right place with right message at the right time

20:20 Outline of MVP2

22:50 Ignition Funnel (Lead generation stage)


  • Filter for immediate RWA
  • Maximize User Experience (UX)
  • Gather Data for Segmenting & Personalization
  • Set Expectations & Create Anticipation

24:35 The Ignition Message

27:07 How often should you send?

It depends – How close are they to buying decision?

28:30 A 5-step Series

30:08 The activity you’re looking for

30:29 Summary of Ignition Funnel

31:04 Your filter does it’s job – What to expect

Everybody won’t buy on the first step so you nurture them

31:38 The Nurture Funnel (Engage stage)


  • Bond and Build Rapport (Trust Building)
  • Give Value (Generate Reciprocity)
  • Build Credibility & Authority
  • Keep Top of Mind Presence
  • Right Place, Right Message, Right Time

35:55 Nurture Message Structure

38:16 How to get a long term nurture funnel in place

12 messages to start, then add your current blog posts (evergreen content)

40:44 The difference between the Nurture Funnel and the ForeverFollowUp™

43:20 The ForeverFollowUp™ Funnel


Run with the Nurture Funnel

Designed to find “Right Time, Right Person, Right Service”

Prevents leads “Falling Through the Cracks”

Responsible for most inbound, pre-sold calls

46:01 When do you launch ForeverFollowUp™?

Delay 45-60days

46:56 Not really education or entertainment. Just engagement

48:10 Summary

If you have these three funnels in place, you’ll see your conversions go up